EBBC - Biodiversity in Standards and Procurement Guidelines

Biodiversity in Standards and Sourcing Guidelines

The partners of the EU LIFE Food & Biodiversity initiative analysed more than 50 standards, labels and company requirements with regard to their criteria on biodiversity. The results were summarised in a Baseline Report and evaluated with representatives of standard organisations and companies from the food industry. The Analysis indicated the need and the potential to improve the biodiversity performance of standards and company requirements.

Based on this finding a set of recommendations was prepared to improve and enhance biodiversity criteria in standards and sourcing guidelines. These recommendations were elaborated in collaboration with experts from standard organisations, certification companies, food companies, environmental organisations and scientific institutions.

The objectives of the recommendations are to reduce negative impacts on biodiversity and to improve the protection of and the potential for biodiversity. The criteria and measures are a good “compromise” between nature conservation needs and feasibility from standards' and companies' points of view and they have direct and indirect positive impacts on the farming activities.

Source: Easy Guide - Biodiversity Criteria in Standards and Labels for the Food Sector (2017),
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For companies and standard organisations there are several opportunities to participate in the project:

You would like to benefit from the project activities and learn more about the opportunities for companies and for standards? The multidisciplinary project team will guide interested standard organizations and companies in the revision of their criteria and policies on biodiversity.