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The European Business and Biodiversity Campaign (EBBC) is a partner consortium which supports companies from all industries in integrating biodiversity into their corporate management. Our key project LIFE Food & Biodiversity, funded by the EU LIFE programme, aims to improve the biodiversity performance of standards and labels within the food industry.

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Business & Biodiversity

 Biodiversity Trainings

Biodiversity Trainings

Comprehensive training material with guidelines on good biodiversity management and description of measures to promote biodiversity in the food sector.

LIFE Food & Biodiversity

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Biodiversity in Standards and Labels for the Food Industry

From 2016 to September 2020 the project consortium of the LIFE Food & Biodiversity project collaborated with the private food sector in Europe to enhance biodiversity protection through food standards and procurement guidelines of food companies. The new Layman’s Report provides an overview of the actions undertaken and impacts achieved since project-start.




  • Out now: WWF Biodiversity Risk Filter (BRF)01/20/2023

    Out now: WWF Biodiversity Risk Filter (BRF)

    The WWF just launched a free online tool that enables companies and financial institutions to analyze their biodiversity risks. It provides a spatially explicit risk assessment for production sites across 5 categories of physical risks and 3 categories of reputation risks.

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  • New publication: "Biodiversity and finance: Managing the double materiality"01/16/2023

    New publication: "Biodiversity and finance: Managing the double materiality"

    The publication presents a set of recommendations for financial institutions to "go beyond regulation" and change ways of thinking and acting about biodiversity - based on scientific evidence and taking into account the vision of a complete restoration of nature by 2050.

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  • Results of the CITES Conference01/16/2023

    Results of the CITES Conference

    Representatives of 184 countries agreed in November 2022 under the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) that hundreds of wild species may only be traded sustainably in the future.

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New LIFE project: Insect-Responsible Sourcing Regions

LIFE Insect-Responsible Sourcing Regions is committed to sustainable insect protection at landscape level. Its goal is not only to further disseminate proven measures for the promotion of pollinating insects in agriculture, but to consistently break new ground. In "Insect-Responsible Sourcing Regions," a positive ecological impact is no longer limited to the individual farm. Landscapes benefit holistically and the concept is transferable to many growing regions in Germany and the EU.

Click here to visit the LIFE IRSR website