EBBC - Biodiversity on Pilot Farms

Biodiversity on Pilot Farms

More than 78 certified agricultural pilot farms in Europe covering 4260 ha are implementing measures to promote biodiversity. In Spain, Portugal, France and Germany several pilot projects with a focus on vegetables and fruits (tomatoes, melons and olives), grassland (milk and meat production) and cereals were set up.

In cooperation with the farmers, biodiversity measures and the Biodiversity Performance Tool as well as the Biodiversity Monitoring System were tested.


A number of  impressive measures  have been implemented leading to the improvement of biodiversity in and round the pilot farms. These include:

  • Support of regional key species, by creating natural habitats,
  • Reduced use of environmentally harmful operating equipment,
  • Reduction of agricultural inputs (agrochemicals)

The Lake Constance Foundation assessed the Biodiversity Impact on the cereal pilots in Germany and published its results in the “Experience of Cereal Pilot Farms in Germany”.


Our Partners in the Pilot Projects


  • (Retailer) Sonae Clube de Produtores Continente (3 farms)
  • (Retailer) Intermarché Carne de Bovino Programa Origens (2 farms)
  • Herdade dos Grous (one farm)
  • Herdade do Freixo do Meio (one farm)
  • Herdade do Azinhal (one farm)
  • Casa Agrícola Manuel Gil Ferreira (one farm)
  • Herdade da Torrejana (one farm)
  • Tapada dos Números (Santo António das Paredes) (one farm)
  • Rural Manjar (Santo António das Paredes) (one farm)


  • Rainforest Alliance, Colombia, coffee cultivation
  • GIZ, India; spice cultivation
  • GIZ, Mexico; strawberry cultivation
  • GIZ, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic; banana & pineapple cultivation