EBBC - Biodiversity on Pilot Farms

Biodiversity on Pilot Farms

More than 70 certified agricultural pilot farms in Europe covering 4250 ha are implementing measures to promote biodiversity. In Spain, Portugal and France several pilot projects with a focus on tomatoes, olives and grasslands for the meat and milk production are conducted. Projects in Germany are focusing on grain farming.

Possible measures for a focused and verifiable positive impact on biodiversity are designed and tested in cooperation with farmers. Additionally, the Biodiversity Performance Tool and the Monitoring system are tested as well.

Due to the design and practical testing of agricultural biodiversity measures the following nature-conserving effects are achieved:

  • Support to regional key species, by creating specific natural habitats and nutrition,
  • Reduced use in the amount of environmentally harmful operating equipment,
  • Establishing a basis for a long-term assessment of the usefulness of nature conservation by designing and conducting a first monitoring.


From 2018, the expertise and results deriving from the pilot farms will be published in several publications.


Our Partners in the Pilot Projects