Conesa Group

Conesa Group

Villafranca de Guadiana, Badajoz

The current CONESA Group was founded in 1976 as “Conservas Vegetales de Extremadura” with wholly private capital, its main activity being Tomato Processing. Its annual processing capacity at that time was around 6,000 tons of fresh tomato per campaign.

Today the CONESA Group is the leader in its sector in Europe, with an input capacity of around 16,000 tons of fresh tomatoes/day resulting in a total processing capacity of close to one million tons of fresh tomatoes processed per campaign

Food quality is becoming more and more important and consumers are interested in the origin (traceability), hygiene and manufacturing process of the products they purchase. Conesa’s Agricultural Department, aware of this need, maintains direct contact with fields and farmers to achieve these goals. The main function will be the supply of fresh tomatoes in terms of both quantity and quality in keeping with the factory’s capacity and the products to be processed.

In the last years, CONESA Group is involved in different projects to improve the environmental performance of the crop and has his own organic production.

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Cultivation area
Conesa participates in the project with 15 farms (more than 300 ha)

Cultivation types
Organic farming, Integrated Production, Babyfood and conventional

Actions developed within the project

  • First visit of contact
  • Hotspot Analysis
  • Baseline report
  • Second visit and Questionnaire on Biodiversity Performance Tool
  • Biodiversity Action Plan on writing