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Biodiversity Check

The Biodiversity Check is one of the major activities in this campaign. The check provides a first overview on the companies’ relation to biodiversity regarding opportunities, impacts and risks. It is based on the philosophy and objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD):

  • the conservation of biological diversity
  • the sustainable use of its components
  • the fair and equitable sharing of its benefits arising from this use


The check does not substitute a biodiversity impact assessment, but it will provide arguments for decision making regarding the company’s strategy on biodiversity. It assesses, according to the procedure of environmental management systems EMAS III and ISO 14001, potential negative impacts on biodiversity of individual business units, manufacturing facilities, products or processes, and identifies potential risks and opportunities.

What is assessed?

The check examines the company's direct impacts on biodiversity, for which the company is clearly responsible and which can be influenced by the company. The check also takes into account indirect effects, which the company can influence through dialogue with its stakeholders.


  1. 1. Strategy and management
    2. Stakeholder and public relations
    3. Company premises, real estate
    4. Procurement: raw materials, energy, water etc.
    5. Product development and production
    6. Logistics and transport
    7. End products and services
    8. Sales and marketing
    9. Human resources


Internal Biodiversity Check with statements on:

  • Relationship between business and biodiversity
  • Proposals for goals and measures to reduce risks and negative impacts
  • Proposals for goals and measures to protect biodiversity or compensate for negative impacts
  • Themes for communication (e.g. as part of the sustainability report)
  • Recommendations for further steps


How to implement a Biodiversity Check

Participation is open to all companies that (are interested to) deal with environmental issues, sustainability and CSR. Prior concrete activities to protect biodiversity are not required. Rather, after the completion of the Biodiversity Check, companies can assess the relevance of biodiversity for the company and evaluate whether and how they are prepared for the topic.

The results of the Biodiversity Check are confidential. There is no obligation for the company to undertake further steps. However, participants can communicate that they have performed the Biodiversity Check as part of the European Business and Biodiversity Campaign.

The Biodiversity-Based Economy Development Office (BEDO) of Thailand has adapted the Biodiversity Check to the requirements of Thai companies and has been conducting biodiversity checks in Thailand since 2015.





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