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Biodiversity Trainings

The loss of biodiversity is one of the biggest challenges of our times. Human activities are driving species loss 1000 times faster than it would have been under natural succession circumstances.

An analysis of biodiversity provision in standards and label for the food sector showed a clear need for action. So far, biodiversity related criteria rarely go beyond the common approach of good agricultural practices; they are often unclear in their formulation and take into account the causes of biodiversity loss only partially. However, the protection of biodiversity is not a priority in capacity building for advisors, auditors and managers and is often not addressed at all. In order to anchor biodiversity aspects in standards and procurement criteria in the long term and to implement them correctly in the field, all those involved need more knowledge about the implementation of biodiversity-friendly measures.

Training Material

Often, auditors, advisors of certification standards, and product managers from production companies need more knowledge to classify and supervise the measures taken for biodiversity protection. However, so far protection of biodiversity is not a priority within capacity building activities.

We offer training material in the field of biodiversity for

Click on the category to get to the training material. We provide you with guidelines on good biodiversity management and agricultural practices and its impacts on biodiversity, description of measures (Action Fact Sheets) to promote biodiversity and guidelines on how to apply the Biodiversity Performance Tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about biodiversity and why farmers, entrepreneurs and standards should address it? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Question.

Knowledge Pool

For more information about biodiversity in agriculture, visit the Knowledge Pool.

Training Seminars

Participants learn about biodiversity in general and how and why biodiversity management should be implemented. They receive an overview and description of various measures as well as the difference between good and very good practices and their significance for biodiversity. In addition, training is offered on the functionality of the Biodiversity Performance Tool.

Trainings are adapted to the target groups and offered in the form of workshops (1,5 days with practical visit on the farm) and webinars (4 elements à 1,5 h).

If you are interested in a training, please let us know and we will provide you with further information.