Recommendations to improve biodiversity protection

Recommendations to improve biodiversity protection in policy and criteria of food standards and sourcing requirements of food companies and retailers

This recommendations are directed primarily to standard organisations as well as companies of the food sector with own sourcing requirements. They should support the management of standards and companies in the efforts to improve biodiversity performance as well as those persons responsible for the revision of standard criteria and for companies sourcing rules, persons responsible for product quality and sustainability coordinators.

The recommendations are addressing degradation and destruction of ecosystems, overexploitation of natural resources and invasive, alien species. Climate change and pollution as further drivers for the loss of biodiversity are not considered, because most of the standards and sourcing requirements include criteria on them. Nevertheless, it is important to underline that all measures for climate protection (for example short distances of transportation) and the avoidance of contamination contribute to the protection of biodiversity.

By implementing the recommendations, the food sector with agriculture as the main supplier, would make a very relevant contribution towards the protection of biodiversity as an essential component of sustainable food systems in Europe and worldwide.

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