Business and Biodiversity Chances and Risks for individual Industries

Business and Biodiversity – Chances and Risks for individual Industries

Biodiversity is key to ecosystem services and therefore of utmost importance for diverse economic activities.

Besides climate change the loss of biodiversity is seen as the second greatest danger for the world's human population. Almost all businesses rely in any kind of way on resources, provided by nature. These resources are based on an intact functioning system of biodiversity. The loss of natural species therefore directly endangers the resources of all businesses.


Food Industry

The food industry currently faces a multitude of challenges: a growing population needs to be fed, while impacts of climate change and nature degradation intensify production risks. Find out more about the agricultural and food industry’s risks and chances.



How will tourism be affected, if coral reefs are increasingly degraded and may soon completely disappear due to climate change? What is the economic value of a clean beach or climbing walls surrounded by a beautiful landscape? Find out more about the tourism industry’s risks and chances.


Automotive Sector

Along the path of raw material extraction over production and use to waste management of automobiles there are a range of ecological impacts of high relevance to biodiversity conservation. Find out more about automotive industry’s risks and chances.


Extractive Industry

The extraction of raw materials causes changes in larger areas. Thus also habitats are influenced. This, however, doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Find out more about extractive industry´s risks and chances.


Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical

The pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries rely on the genetic diversity and biodiversity. Since most of their raw materials derive from nature, the increasing loss of biodiversity impacts the availability of resources. Find out more about pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry’s risks and chances.


Financial Sector

For the financial industry it becomes more and more important to recognize risks and chances for the business model in time. But: Many risks as climate change cannot be identified with traditional instruments. But there are options. Find out more about the financial sector´s risks and chances.