About Us

About us

The European Business and Biodiversity Campaign (EBBC) supports companies in integrating biodiversity into the corporate management. The campaign provides attractive options for sustainability officers and decision makers in enterprises to inform themselves about methods and instruments to evaluate the impact of a company’s activities on biological diversity.

Business associations, consultancies, auditors, NGOs, authorities and standard organizations and many others, dealing with questions around natural capital and resource protection benefit from the campaign’s offers. The list of companies which have worked with the Campaign include Daimler, Iberdrola, REWE, Eiffage, TUI, VAUDE and many others.

Business and Biodiversity Campaign

EU LIFE Food & Biodiversity

Who is behind EBBC?

Led by the environmental not-for-profit foundation Global Nature Fund (GNF), the Campaign has been implemented by partners from the EU including the IUCN Regional Office Europe, Fundación Global Nature, the Lake Constance Foundation, the media publisher ALTOP and the consultancy dokeo. The EBBC was launched with the support by the EU LIFE Programme in the year 2010.

With the new LIFE Food & Biodiversity project we continue and intensify the work of the EBBC in the agrifood sector as strategic business sector for the biodiversity conservation. The partners in this project represent different regions with various expertices in cultivation systems.



 Global Nature Fund (GNF)
 Stefan Hörmann - Project Manager

Stefan Hörmann
+49 228 1848694 11

 Tobias Ludes - Project Manager

Tobias Ludes
+49 228 1848694 15

Global Nature Fund (GNF) - International Foundation for Environment and Nature
Office Radolfzell: Fritz-Reichle-Ring 4, 78315 Radolfzell, Germany
Office Bonn: Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 11, 53113 Bonn, Germany
www.globalnature.org; www.business-biodiversity.eu

Global Nature Fund (GNF) is a non-profit, private, independent international foundation for the protection of environment and nature.

GNF is responsible for the overall coordination of the LIFE Project "Biodiversity in Standards and Labels for the Food Sector" including communication and the roundtable on biodiversity in the European food sector. Other Business & Biodiversity initiatives of GNF cover issues such as natural capital valuation, sustainable sourcing of raw materials and ecological greening of corporate premises and industrial areas.


Marion Hammerl 
+49 7732 9995 45

Dr. Kerstin Fröhle 
+49 7732 9995 40

Lake Constance Foundation
Fritz-Reichle-Ring 4
78315 Radolfzell, Germany

The Lake Constance Foundation (LCF) is a project-oriented organization for nature conservation. It works towards a sustainable economy in the international Lake Constance area and beyond.

LCF is involved in several Business & Biodiversity initiatives, e.g. on biodiversity in vineyards, ecological greening of corporate premises and industrial areas and the Biodiversity Check. Within the LIFE Food & Biodiversity project the LCF is responsible for the assessment and recommendation for improvement of biodiversity criteria in standards of the food sector, for testing criteria on pilot farms, biodiversity training for auditors and managers as well as a biodiversity monitoring framework.

 Fundación Global Nature España

Amanda del Rio 
+34 917 104455

María R. López Onieva
+34 917 104455

Fundación Global Nature
Office Madrid: Calle Tajo, 2. 28231 Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain
Office Valencia: C/ Oltá 4 Bajo 46006 Valencia, Spain

Fundación Global Nature (FGN) is a private foundation dedicated to nature conservation since 1993. Their based on technical knowledge, ethical commitment and innovation. One of the main areas of intervention is the promotion of sustainability in the agrifood sector. To this end, FGN works together with farmers, farmers associations, researchers, administrations and agrifood companies to support sustainable sourcing, develop indicators and transfer best practices to producers and policy-makers.

Within the Food & Biodiversity project FGN leads two pilot projects in the sector of olives and tomatoes. FGN is also working on recommendations for standards and companies in Spain, biodiversity training for auditors and managers as well and dissemination at national level.

 Instituto Superior Técnico

Nuno Sarmento
+351 21 841 7366 

Carlos MGL Teixeira
+351 21 841 7371

Instituto Superior Técnico, MARETEC/DEM
Av. Rovisco Pais 1
1049-001 Lisboa, Portugal

Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) is the largest school of Architecture, Engineering, Science and Technology in Portugal and is involved in the project through MARETEC - Research Centre of IST for Marine, Environment and Technology.

Within the Food & Biodiversity project IST is carrying out pilot projects demonstrating biodiversity promotion actions on meat and dairy farms on the Mainland of Portugal and on the Azores. IST is also coordinating the production of fact sheets on biodiversity and meat production on pasture.

 Agentur auf!

Dr. Frauke Fischer
+49 175 601 81 38

Dr. Heinrich Schneider
+49 170 4771961

Agentur auf! 
Finkenhofstr. 21
60322 Frankfurt, Germany

auf! is a science-based consulting agency with a main focus on biodiversity conservation. auf! has more than twenty years of experience in applied research, management of protected areas, international cooperation, project evaluation, management and monitoring, communication and training.

Within the Food & Biodiversity project auf! is monitoring the project impact on the environment (improvement of biodiversity), the socio-economic impact on the target groups and the impact of the project's communication activities, and is leading the development of the communication strategy.


Caroline Gibert
+33 5 67 69 69 69

Marine Gimaret 
+33 5 67 69 69 69

75 Voie du Toec – CS 27608
31076 Toulose Cedex 3, France

Solagro, a french non-profit organisation, aims to broaden the scope of possibilities within the fields of agriculture, environment and energy. The objective of the Agri-environment department is to encourage the implementation of methods and practices that contribute to the sustainable management of natural resources in agriculture.
In the Food & Biodiversity project, Solagro leads the elaboration of a tool which aims to assess the biodiversity performance at farm level and is involved in one pilot projet on dairy products and cereals.


Adrien Weitzman
+33 6 21 21 23 54

agence good
8 rue dieulafoy
75013 Paris, France

agoodforgood is a consultancy which provides expertise and management in developing quality systems for FMCG markets. Sustainability (environmental impact, business biodiversity preservation, social and ethical standards...) is a prerequisite for agoodforgood's practice as it induces the highest possible quality requirements. Consultants at agoodgorgood intervene in 2 types of issues: Life sciences (biodiversity, agricultural standards) and Health (cosmetics, indoor air quality).

Within the EU Food & Biodiversity project LIFE Food & Biodiversity project, agoodforgood contributes on communication, training and specific actions towards media, agri-food industries, certifiers and influencers.