Al Alma del Olivo

Al Alma de Olivo

Almonacid de Toledo, Toledo

Al Alma del Olivo is a family business dedicated to the elaboration and commercialization of Extra Virgen Olive Oil. It is a farm in organic production with olive groves for oil. It has its own oil mill.

The farm is located in a transition zone between platforms, corridors and depressions of the Algodor and Cigüela rivers with an eminently agricultural landscape dominated by olive groves and vineyards, which in areas free of agricultural exploitation can be observed formations of Mediterranean forest with holm oak, black poplars and juniper trees, with a shrub layer of aromatic plants among others. Although the farm of olive groves under study in this project is not within the limits of LIC or ZEPA, its relationship in this described environment is undeniable since it is located in an area bordered by several spaces of the Natura 2000 Network. The area is affected by the recovery plan of the Iberian imperial eagle (Aquila adalberti). It is also affected by plans of the Bonelli's eagle.

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Three varieties of olive trees are cultivated: cornicabra, picual and hojiblanca.

It has different degrees of implantation with old olive trees until new plantations in 2010, all of it is exploited under irrigation and under the figure of quality of organic farming.

The collection is mechanized, using the umbrella as the main method. All treatments are 100% organic. In fertilization is used Organic Nitrogen 1-60 kg / h, with a fertilizer plan that includes fertirrigation, soil fertilization through pellets of organic matter and manure; and foliar fertilization by nebulization on olive leaves through algae and phytohormones.

Cultivation area
300 ha of which approx. 200 ha are olive groves and streams with native species

Cultivation types
Organic farming

Actions developed within the project

  • First visit of contact
  • Hotspot Analysis
  • Baseline report
  • Second visit and Questionnaire on Biodiversity Performance Tool
  • Biodiversity Action Plan on writing