EBBC - Baseline Report

Baseline Report "Biodiversity in Standards and Labels for the Food Sector"

This Baseline Report summarizes the results of a screening of 54 regional, national, European and international standards for the food sector and requirements of food companies for their supply chain. The screening has been realized within the European initiative "Biodiversity in standards and labels for the food industry“, supported by the European Commission. The report provides a comprehensive overview on how protection of biodiversity is currently addressed in standards and company requirements. The policies of standards and companies as well as their criteria and requirements have been evaluated regarding effectiveness for biodiversity protection, their emphasis within the standard or company certification schemes and their transparency and verifiability. The screening was based on the results of research studies and practical experiences.

Besides the results, the Baseline Report contains conclusions – indicating the need and the potential to improve the biodiversity performance of standards and company requirements.

The publication can be downloaded here.  

Author: Global Nature Fund (GNF) and the Lake Constance Foundation (LCF)

April 2017

 Stefan Hörmann - Project Manager

Stefan Hörmann

Global Nature Fund
Business and Biodiversity
+49 228 1848694 11

 Baseline Report