Flyer: Biodiversity Monitoring System

Flyer: Biodiversity Monitoring System

With the Biodiversity Monitoring System, standards, food companies and producer groups can check the performance of certified farms and/or supplying farmers with regard to biodiversity. With the help of the monitoring system, strengths and weaknesses are identified - an important basis for identifying potential for improvement and for taking appropriate measures such as targeted training and/or incentives for implementing criteria.

The biodiversity monitoring is based on 25 indicators with high relevance for the protection of biodiversity, the creation of potential for biodiversity and the reduction of negative impacts on biodiversity. The indicators represent a good compromise between scientific demands and practicability.

Users get a protected access to the online platform of the monitoring system. Using this access, data from associated farms can be collected with the entry mask of the Biodiversity Monitoring System. The individual data sets are aggregated and can be evaluated in many different ways. The data are presented in nine thematically grouped clusters so that users can gain an overview of the biodiversity performance.

The indicators are displayed, depending on the data type, as totals, average, minimum and maximum values, or in the form of graphics to illustrate the percentage shares per response category. The results can be filtered to display the data for a specific country, region, climatic region, production system or type of farm management (conventional, integrated pest management, organic, biodynamic).

 Flyer: Biodiversity Monitoring System
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