Web Series on Biodiversity and the Food Sector I

Web Series on Biodiversity and the Food Sector
Session I: Biodiversity in Food Standards and Company Procurement


In a series of three online sessions, the consortium of the LIFE Food & Biodiversity project showed how the food sector can make a significant contribution to curbing biodiversity loss by applying effective policies, criteria and sourcing requirements on biodiversity. In times of alarming news about the loss of pollinators, degradation of fertile land and destruction of forests the agri-food sector needs to show how it addresses biodiversity and ecosystems in its transition to sustainability. Each session spotlighted initiatives, tools and measures to protect and enhance biodiversity on farm-level. Speakers provided examples of effective biodiversity management within food standards and companies contributing to the objectives of the EU Biodiversity and Farm to Fork Strategy.

The first session pointed out the role of food standards and companies with ambitious requirements for biodiversity covering results from the EU LIFE Food & Biodiversity project.


  • Henriette Walz, Rainforest AllianceGlobal Theme Lead Biodiversity Conservation:
    Shedding light on how biodiversity protection is targeted in the new Rainforest Alliance Standard
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  • Simona D’Amico, Union for Ethical Biotrade, Monitoring and Evaluation and Biodiversity Expert:
    Requirements for biodiversity in the revised Ethical BioTrade Standard:
    Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) Case Studies in Europe
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  • Andrea Schwalber, Nestlé Germany, Sustainability Manager:
    Learning from past criticism: How Nestlé is enhancing biodiversity in the new Nestlé Responsible Sourcing Standard and its implementation in the supply chain for vegetables
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Introduction and Moderation: Tobias Ludes, Global Nature Fund