Establishment Finance for Biodiversity Foundation

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Establishment Finance for Biodiversity Foundation

Six months after the launch of the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge, the Finance for Biodiversity Foundation has been set up to support the call to action and collaboration between signatories to the Pledge.

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31 March 2021: The Finance for Biodiversity Foundation provides an organizational structure, helping to speed up progress and collaboration on the commitments made in the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge.

Working groups are being set up on Measuring Biodiversity, Engagement with Companies and Public Policy Advocacy. More working groups on Positive Impact and Target Setting are likely to follow next year. Members will also work together in committees on Expanding the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge and on Reporting Progress. Each working group will look into effective potential partnerships with other finance and biodiversity initiatives that align with the Foundation’s mission, in order to strengthen and build on existing expertise and networks. The Foundation is setting up an Advisory Board to advise the overall partnership at the strategic level.

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