Launch of the Biodiversity and Industry Platform

Biodiversity and Industry Platform

24 September 2019

On 24 September 2019, CSR Europe will host a workshop to launch its Biodiversity & Industry Platform. The platform will bring together businesses in cross-sectoral collaboration to take concrete action towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the EU Biodiversity Strategy to stop biodiversity loss. The workshop will explore the challenges arising from industry’s biodiversity footprint and will aim to identify solutions through collaboration.

Participants in the workshop will:

  • Engage in peer-learning to understand the business approaches to biodiversity,
  • Understand what tools and methodologies are best suited to measuring corporate biodiversity impact,
  • Assess companies’ interest in joining the platform.

More information: Website of CSR Europe


24 September 2019


CSR Europe
Rue Victor Oudart 7
1030 Brussels


CSR Europe