Joining Forces: UTZ and the Rainforest Alliance

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Joining Forces: UTZ and the Rainforest Alliance

In January 2018 UTZ and Rainforest Alliance have merged and have started to build a new organization. The organizations have announced the merger in June 2017.

The merger of the leading certification programs UTZ and Rainforest Alliance, announced in June 2017, is legally complete. The organizations have now begun to build the new organization. According to UTZ and Rainforest Alliance, the organizations have joined forces to address the critical challenges facing humanity: deforestation, climate change, systemic poverty and social inequality. As partners, they can have a greater impact and be more effective in serving their stakeholders.

In 2019 the organizations will publish a new certification program, bringing together and building upon current UTZ and Rainforest Alliance systems. According to the organizations the new program will include a new standard for producers and a new chain of custody. There will also be a new fee structure and labeling policy for companies sourcing certified ingredients.

Until the publication of the new certification program in 2019, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance programs will run in parallel. After the launch of the new program there will be a gradual transition. The organization is carrying forward the Rainforest Alliance name.

Companies, Farmers and Certification Bodies can find more information on the UTZ and Rainforest Alliance websites.