WWF Biodiversity Risk Filter

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WWF Biodiversity Risk Filter

With the Biodiversity Risk Filter, WWF offers a free online tool for companies to understand, address, and identify risk hot spots related to nature degradation and species extinction within value and supply chains.

12 March 2023: The new WWF Biodiversity Risk Filter can also be used by financial institutions to identify biodiversity risks within their portfolios. The tool is based on 56 datasets provided by UN institutions, the World Conservation Union (IUCN) and NASA, among others.   
The Biodiversity Risk Filter is part of the free online WWF Risk Filter Suite platform, which also includes the WWF Water Risk Filter. Both tools follow the same logic, allowing companies to link their biodiversity and water risk analyses without much extra effort.   

Link: https://riskfilter.org/biodiversity/home

Recording of the Biodiversity Risk Filter webinar: https://lnkd.in/gstkr88g

Author: GNF