LIFE BooGI-BOP: Layman's Report published

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LIFE BooGI-BOP: Layman's Report published

In the EU-LIFE project "Biodiversity-oriented Design of Business Premises" the final Layman's Report was published. It is available in English, German and Spanish and contains impressive figures on the creation of biodiversity-friendly areas, consulting of companies and sensitization of multipliers.

27 February 2023: The final Layman's Report of the LIFE BooGI-BOP ("Biodiversity-oriented Design of Business Premises") project has been published and shows that the project has achieved impressive results. The project's goal was to make business premises more biodiversity-friendly, thereby promoting biodiversity. In total, more than 100,000 m² of biodiversity-friendly space was created and 143 companies were advised.

In addition, 1464 multipliers, architects and building managers were sensitized. The project has published 12 brochures and fact sheets and posted 21 success stories online. These success stories show how companies can not only make a positive contribution to the environment through biodiversity-friendly design, but also achieve economic benefits. Another important advance of the project is the creation of a Europe-wide monitoring system. This system will make it possible to measure and monitor the success of the project and its impact on biodiversity.

The LIFE BooGI-BOP project is an example of how businesses and the environment can benefit from sustainable design of commercial spaces. The project's Layman's Report is available in English, German and Spanish and can be downloaded from the project's website.

Download the English Layman's Report