WWF presents its Biodiversity Data Puzzle

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WWF presents its Biodiversity Data Puzzle

WWF's Biodiversity Data Puzzle explores how improved ecosystem and biodiversity insights can be obtained and consistently produced for all commercial assets on Earth using spatial ex situ data.

05 January 2023: WWF has collected biodiversity data that is combined with other ESG data for individual project financings or aggregated to a parent company, portfolio, or area (e.g., a state or nation). The proposed methods are presented in the context of broader policy and technical realities to demonstrate that such insights are unlikely to expand organically without the development of the necessary public data infrastructure to enable the flow and integration of data types by a variety of stakeholders. WWF plans to launch a consortium (Geospatial ESG Consortium) for this purpose.

To the WWF Biodiversity Data Puzzle: https://www.wwf.org.uk/our-reports/biodiversity-data-puzzle

Author: GNF