Biodiversity in Standards and Sourcing Guidelines

Within the framework of our initiative, we are evaluating 50 standards and food labels for the biodiversity criteria they use. Results will be published in a baseline report in May 2017.

The Baseline Report will assess:

  • Biodiversity in the policy of standards and sourcing guidelines of companies from the food sector
  • Biodiversity criteria in standards and in the sourcing guideline of companies

The report does not contain a benchmark but aims to showcase effective biodiversity criteria. What will also be identifies in this process are general gaps in biodiversity policies and criteria in standards and labels.

 Distribution of biodiversity aspects addressed within the driver “Degradation/destruction of ecosystems”

A set of recommendations will be prepared based on the findings of this baseline report to improve and enhance biodiversity criteria in standards and sourcing guidelines. These recommendations will be discussed with different actors within the food business and will be published by the end of 2017.

At the same time we will guide interested standard organizations and companies in the revision of their criteria and policies on biodiversity.