“How companies value natural capital”

Companies increasingly consider including natural capital into their accounts. Driven by internal sustainability and risk management, more and more businesses review and value their environmental impacts.

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First internationally recognized certificate of compliance is issued under the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit-sharing
The first internationally recognized certificate of compliance was issued on 1 October 2015, following a permit made available to the Access and Benefit-sharing (ABS) Clearing-House by India.

Kering releases its first group-wide Environmental Profit and Loss Account (E P&L)
With the preparation of the E P&L Kering measured its enviornmental impact along the supply chain and open-sourced the full methodology so that companies can learn how to value their impacts and dependencies on natural capital.

World's largest sovereign wealth fund takes stand against deforestation
Norway's Government Pension Fund Global — the world's largest sovereign wealth fund — is adopting standards to avoid investing in companies linked to tropical deforestation, sending a strong signal that forest destruction is not an acceptable practice for responsible businesses, reports Rainforest Foundation Norway.

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