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The European Business and Biodiversity Campaign led by the Global Nature Fund, supports companies in integrating biodiversity into the corporate management.

Founded in 2010, the campaign provides attractive options for sustainability officers and decision makers in enterprises to inform themselves about methods and instruments to evaluate the impact of a company’s activities on biological diversity.

Business associations, consultancies, auditors, NGOs, authorities and standard organizations and many others, dealing with questions around natural capital and resource protection benefit from the campaign’s offers.

Our Biodiversity Check and our other initiatives address businesses from all types of sectors.

Our key initiative “Biodiversity in Standards and Labels for the Food Industry” is implemented by a consortium of organization and companies from various European countries: The Global Nature Fund, Lake Constance Foundation, Agentur AUF! (Germany), the Fundación Global Nature (Spain), Solagro and agoodforgood (France) and Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal). You find their contacts here.


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