Supporters from the Food Sector

The following companies, standards and organisations support our initiative on biodiversity in the food sector.

We appreciate the support of:


Public Organisations

  • Fundación Biodiversidad
    With the support of

 Fundación Biodiversidad

Standards and Labels

  • Parque agricola Carrizales de Elche

  • Cooperativa Oleicola de Viver (Castellón)

  • Bel/Terra Nostra

  • Sonae Carne de Limousine Clube de Produtores Continente

  • Intermarché Carne de bovino Programa Origens

  • Sodiaal


Further companies, standards and cooperatives that support the initiative with pilot projects can be found here.




The initiative is support by the EU LIFE Programme. 



The project is a core initiatve of the: