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In this current spring edition of the European Business & Biodiversity newsletter, we bring you the latest news on how businesses are integrating biodiversity considerations into their operations. Our articles and publications highlight the benefits of such practices and showcase best practices and successful partnerships. Join us for upcoming events to learn from experts in the field.

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Updates from the project "Unternehmen biologische Vielfalt" on Biodiversity Checks and Biodiversity in Standards

Together with several project partners, Global Nature Fund is implementing activities with and for the private sector in the project "Unternehmen biologische Vielfalt". Read more...


New VISIONARY Newsletter

How can we move towards a more sustainable food provision in Europe? Sign up for the latest news from our new biodiversity-promoting EU partner project VISIONARY and get the answers. Read more...




Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD): Public consultation on framework until 06/01/2023

The Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) has released its fourth and final beta framework for nature-related risk management and disclosure. Read more...


Proposal for EU directive "on green claims": fines and high requirements for provability and communication of environment-related advertising

On March 22, 2023, the European Commission presented a proposal for a Green Claims Directive to combat misleading greenwashing by companies. Read more...


"Biodiversity Beyond National Legislation" (BBNJ) for the protection of the oceans

Good news for the protection of marine biodiversity: After about 15 years (!) of negotiations, the member states of the UN have agreed on a treaty for the protection of the high seas ("high seas treaty"). This now has to be ratified. Read more...


Food security and ecosystem resilience: Commission boosts action on pollinators

In January 2023, the EU Commission presented 'A New Deal for Pollinators' to tackle the alarming decline in wild pollinating insects in Europe. Read more...




EMAS and Biodiversity: Guidance 2023 – How to address biodiversity protection through environmental management systems

Businesses have direct and indirect effects on biodiversity. The new guidelines discuss both aspects and places emphasis on the avoidance and reduction of the negative effects on biological diversity, as well as on the measures to enhance their positive influences. Read more...


Science Based Targets Network (SBTN): Publication of first land science-based targets 

The Science Based Targets Network (SBTN) has launched a public consultation on its draft technical guidance for companies to set the first land science-based targets. Read more...




Tracking top biodiversity-impact sectors with footprinting tools

A new study has found that 250 companies in the MSCI World Index are potentially responsible for 73% of the biodiversity impact of the entire index. Read more...


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Extracted forests – study on mining and deforestation

The new study "Extracted Forests" by WWF, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Satelligence and adelphi explored the extent to which mining activities affect global deforestation and what can be done to stop this development. Read more...




Publication on Biodiversity Risks: Legal Implications for Companies and their Directors

A new paper by the Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative analyses the relevance of biodiversity risks to companies and economies in the discharge of directors’ legal duties globally. Read more...




2022 Nature Benchmark

A current "Nature Benchmark" evaluates nearly 400 companies across 8 industries, with a goal to reach another 600 companies during 2023. Read more...


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Two new publications support action to tackle invasive alien species in Europe

Two brochures, presenting the updated list of invasive alien species of concern in the European Union and introducing the EU regulation on invasives alien species, have been produced by IUCN in partnership with the European Commission. Read more...


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Nature in Transition Plans: Why and How?

Both climate change and biodiversity loss are inherently interlinked yet have traditionally been addressed in silos - a new WWF publication shows a way to proceed differently. Read more...




EFRAG Videos on EU Reporting Directive and Proposal for ESRS E4 (Biodiversity and Ecosystems)

The European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) has submitted its final drafts of EU Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) to the EU Commission. Read more...




LIFE BooGI-BOP: Layman's Report

In the EU-LIFE project "Biodiversity-oriented Design of Business Premises" the final Layman's Report was published. It is available in English, German and Spanish and contains impressive figures on the creation of biodiversity-friendly areas, consulting of companies and sensitization of multipliers. Read more...


New IDFC Toolbox: Integrating Biodiversity into Strategies and Operations of Development Finance Institutions

An innovative toolbox introduces the conceptual foundations for understanding the role of biodiversity for financial players. Read more...







Sustainable Foods Summit

15-16 June 2023, Amsterdam: The summit will discuss approaches to move to circularity via nature-positive production and regenerative agriculture. Other topics include upcycled foods, green packaging materials, biodiversity impacts, and many others. Read more...


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World Biodiversity Summit

21 September 2023, New York: The Summit is the the pioneering platform for global public-private partnerships to address the urgent need for biodiversity restoration through nature-based solutions and nature-positive investments. Read more...


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European Business & Nature Summit 2023

11-12 October 2023, Milan:  The EBNS is the largest conference dedicated to sustainable business models with biodiversity at their core. Read more...




UEBT Sourcing with Respect Conference

17-18 October, Amsterdam: The UEBT Sourcing with Respect Conference is the premiere global event for industry professionals working in the beauty, food & beverage, and pharma sectors to discuss ethical sourcing of ingredients from biodiversity. Read more...


Textile Exchange Conference

23-27 October, London: The world´s leading platform for exchange on the responsible sourcing of raw materials in the textile industry. Read more...


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