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EBBC Newsletter Winter 2021

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Germany has a new federal government and there are at least tender signals that the new administration at the heart of Europe might make more serious efforts toward the sustainable protection of natural resources. This makes the commitment of companies to the preservation of biodiversity all the more important: The desired green transformation can only succeed if the political will for change is supported by a firm foundation in the private sector.

So let's be bold and creative  the current newsletter of the European Business & Biodiversity Campaign (EBBC) presents examples of how this can be done. We hope you enjoy the read!

Wishing you a wonderful Advent season,

the EBBC Team



Draft EU law against imported deforestation published: GNF offers support to companies

The law with which the EU wants to fulfill its responsibility shows gaps. Nevertheless, it is an important step to stop imported deforestation and will affect numerous companies. Read more...


European Business Statement "Scaling up action for nature"

A Business Statement is calling on businesses and policy makers to mainstream biodiversity in all decisions and policies. Read more...


COP15 adopts Kunming Declaration

More than 100 of the nearly 200 participating states at the 15th UN Biodiversity Conference (CBD COP15) have committed themselves to an intensified fight against biodiversity loss and recorded their ambitions in the Kunming Declaration, named after the conference venue. Read more...


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Natural capital business journeys

The We Value Nature Team created a series of videos designed to inspire and inform people along their nature journey. Read more...


SBTi launches Net-Zero Standard

The Science Based Targets initiative´s Corporate Net-Zero Standard is the world’s first framework for corporate net-zero target setting in line with climate science. It includes the guidance companies need to set science-based net-zero targets. Read more...




New brochure: Practical instruments for biodiversity management on farm and in the company

This publication co-developed by the Global Nature Fund (GNF) shares some of the findings from a project implemented to promote biodiversity-friendly spice production in India, while also illustrating the benefits of using instruments such as the Biodiversity Action Plan. Read more...




ESG Book aims to make sustainability transparent

The sustainable finance sector is growing and developments such as the creation of the EU Taxonomy and increased commitment to biodiversity will accelerate this. Accordingly, there is a growing need for transparent corporate sustainability data, which the new online platform ESG Book aims to provide. Read more...


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CEO study on sustainability in companies

The study "From Attitude to Action: How Germany’s CEOs Drive Sustainability" suggests that a commitment to combating climate change and conserving biodiversity has arrived at German corporate headquarters. Read more...




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UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) - Convention on Biological Diversity (Part 2)

25 April - 8 May 2022, Kunming, China: The conference will see the adoption of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework, providing a strategic vision and a global roadmap for the conservation, protection, restoration and sustainable management of biodiversity and ecosystems for the next decade. Read more...


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European Business and Nature Summit 2021 – Scaling up action for nature

Review: More than 1,000 participants attended the Summit. The level of attention confirms the mounting momentum for nature ahead of COP15 in Kunming. Read more...


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