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The World Biodiversity Conference "COP 15" ended on December 19, 2022 in Montreal, Canada, with an agreement that many are calling groundbreaking. The so-called Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework includes concrete measures to halt and reverse nature loss, including protecting 30 percent of land and marine areas and restoring 30 percent of degraded ecosystems by 2030.

There is also much else happening in the area of Business & Biodiversity: in particular, EU legislation is picking up in the supply chain and reporting areas, as we address in this newsletter.

So enjoy reading this outlook to a hopefully as "nature positive" as possible 2023!

Your EBBC Team




COP 15: What was important

At the World Biodiversity Conference in Montreal in December, progress was made for the protection of biodiversity – we summarize the most important results for you. Read more...


EU Sustainability Reporting Directive

On November 10, 2022, the EU Parliament adopted the new rules on sustainability reporting, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. Read more...


Revision of the GRI Reporting Standard on Biodiversity: still open until February 28!

The GRI standard is one of the most widely used reporting standards and helps companies, among other things, to disclose their key biodiversity impacts and management in a transparent and traceable way. Read more...


EU Council and Parliament reach preliminary agreement to curb global deforestation

The Council and the European Parliament have reached a preliminary agreement on a proposal to minimize the risk of deforestation and forest degradation associated with products imported into or exported from the EU. Read more...


Interview: EU Deforestation Regulation

The EU bodies have agreed on a regulation on deforestation-free products - but what does that mean? Steffen Kemper works on the topic of "Deforestation-Free Supply Chains" at Global Nature Fund and has therefore also been involved with the EU legislative process for some time. EBBC News spoke with him. Read more...


Results of the CITES Conference

Representatives of 184 countries agreed in November 2022 under the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) that hundreds of wild species may only be traded sustainably in the future. Read more...


Eco beauty company ‘appoints nature’ to its board of directors

A beauty company has appointed a director to represent nature on its board, giving the natural world a legal say in its business strategy. Read more...




WWF Biodiversity Risk Filter (BRF)

The WWF just launched a free online tool that enables companies and financial institutions to analyze their biodiversity risks. It provides a spatially explicit risk assessment for production sites. Read more...




Video: Pilot projects to conserve biodiversity in agricultural supply chains in Colombia

This Spanish-language video with English subtitles highlights how biodiversity can be successfully incorporated into agricultural production. Watch video


Recommendations for a standard on corporate biodiversity measurement and valuation

The Align project publishes recommendations that provide greater clarity on which elements of biodiversity to measure and how to value biodiversity impacts and dependencies in a corporate context. Read more...


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Biodiversity Market Research: UEBT Biodiversity Barometer 2022

Since 2009, 13 years of quantitative research by the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) has revealed the astonishing growth of biodiversity awareness. Read more...




Online survey: Biodiversity and food production

In order to determine consumers´ attitudes towards biodiversity and their behavioral intentions when buying food, the Center for Technology and Society (ZTG) at the Technical University of Berlin conducted an online survey with 1,028 people in June 2022. Read more...


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WWF Biodiversity Data Puzzle

WWF's Biodiversity Data Puzzle explores how improved ecosystem and biodiversity insights can be obtained and consistently produced for all commercial assets on Earth using spatial ex situ data. Read more...




TNFD releases third iteration of beta framework

The TNFD releases v0.3 of its beta framework for nature-related risk management and disclosures. Read more...




Biodiversity in the cosmetics industry: examples from Germany and France

At the start of COP 15 in Montreal, the Beauty Care Expertise Partner in IKW and FEBEA, the French association of cosmetics companies, presented the best company examples for the protection and sustainable use of biodiversity in a joint guide. Read more...


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Nature in the balance: What companies can do to restore natural capital

The article is a summary of a full report in which McKinsey examines the state of natural capital, the sectors of the economy that depend on and affect it, and the opportunities for companies to help reduce these demands. Read more...


© McKinsey


Biodiversity and finance: Managing the double materiality

The publication presents a set of recommendations for financial institutions to "go beyond regulation" and change ways of thinking and acting about biodiversity - based on scientific evidence and taking into account the vision of a complete restoration of nature by 2050. Read more...


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How to: Make your agri-supply chain biodiversity friendly

25 January 2023, Online: Focusing on raw materials sourced from Latin America, the web seminar provides information about how you can make your global agri-supply chain biodiversity-friendly. Read more...


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COP15 Global Biodiversity Framework: The key implications for business and financial institutions

26 January 2023, Online: The session will provide an overview of the key policy outputs from the COP15 and the implications of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) for business and finance. Read more...




WWF Launch Event: Biodiversity Risk Filter

31 January 2023, Online: The web seminar introduces the new Biodiversity Risk Filter tool, a product that enables corporates and financial institutions to better understand and manage biodiversity-related risks. Read more...


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Review: Food for Biodiversity at the Agricultural University Day in Hohenheim

On 20 October 2022, the Agricultural University Day was held at the University of Hohenheim, Germany, this year titled: "Biodiversity and Agriculture: (not) a contradiction?" The event took place on site and was well attended with about 100 participants. Read more...


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