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EBBC Newsletter Summer 2022

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In times of war in Ukraine, inflation and the withdrawal of some political and economic actors from important ecological issues, we want to show what really counts: Commitment to the preservation of natural resources, which pays off more in the long run than economic policy quick fixes. Fortunately, there are more and more initiatives, also from the private sector, that aim in this direction  find out which ones in the current newsletter of the European Business & Biodiversity Campaign.

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CBD Executive Director addresses businesses at the German B&B Forum

Businesses can take a leading role by assessing their impacts and dependencies on biodiversity as well as managing and reporting them, stressed Elizabeth Marume Mrema at the German Dialogue Forum on Business and Biodiversity in Berlin.
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German Chambers for Industry and Commerce: Preparing for biodiversity coaching for companies

A dialogue and coaching process planned by the DIHK Service GmbH is intended to increase the importance of biodiversity in German SMEs. For this purpose, in particular, the network of German Chambers for Industry and Commerce (IHK) will be involved.


International Day for Biological Diversity: Food for Biodiversity supports food industry in biodiversity-friendly cultivation

The association Food for Biodiversity helps companies in the food sector to commit to biodiversity – and the first pilot projects are already successfully implementing the Basic Set of Biodiversity Criteria.


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Eagles fly for sustainability: Mannheim ice hockey club commits to eco-friendly merchandising

A club in the German Ice Hockey League shows how companies can align their purchasing in line with the times: Adler ("Eagles") Mannheim is setting an example with its decision for sustainable textile procurement supported by the FAIR WEAR WORKS project.




EU Reporting Standard: Biodiversity and Ecosystems

In April 2022, the European Commission published the draft for a directive on new requirements for companies in the EU as to which topics must be disclosed in the context of sustainability reporting in the future.




European B@B Platform launches Practical Guide on Biodiversity for SMEs in the Agri-Food Sector

The guide is designed to help overcome barriers and inspire SMEs to start managing their biodiversity impacts. Companies are invited to test the guide. Read more...


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New Thematic Report for Business: Biodiversity Data

The EU B@B Platform published a thematic report on the rapidly evolving area of biodiversity data. The report aims to help businesses navigate through data types, sources and quality and understand how data can support the assessment of corporate biodiversity performance. The report can be downloaded here.



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Conference "European Green Premises"

14-15 September 2022, Wiesbaden, Germany: Together with participants from businesses, real estate management, planning actors, local and federal politics, nature conservation associations, and science, the project LIFE BooGI-BOP wants to advance the Europe-wide mainstreaming of biodiversity-oriented premises.


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European Business & Nature Summit 2022

18-19 October 2022, Brussels, Belgium: EBNS will feature speakers in high-level policy roundtables, as well as thematic hands-on workshops designed to help companies begin their journey toward nature.




UN Biodiversity Conference (COP 15), Part II

5-17 December 2022, Montreal, Canada: The UN Biodiversity Conference will convene governments from around the world to agree to a new set of goals for nature over the next decade through the CBD post-2020 framework process.


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Protecting biodiversity with deforestation-free supply chains

Review: How can we bring the private sector and environmental protection – and biodiversity conservation in particular – closer together and motivate companies to conserve our natural resources? The UBi Dialogue Forum in Berlin provided answers.


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