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EBBC Newsletter Autumn 2021

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After last Sunday's important election for Germany and Europe, the direction that politics in the heart of the continent will take in the coming years is not yet clear. We hope for a German administration that is finally fully committed to preserving biodiversity as a crucial issue for the future  and encourages companies to do the same, creating economic and sociopolitical framework conditions for this. We must not miss this opportunity.

In our current newsletter, we present news, publications and events from the field of private-sector engagement for biodiversity conservation. We hope you enjoy reading it!

The European Business & Biodiversity Campaign (EBBC) Team



Pro Pollinators Initiative: EU Pollinator Information Hive helps to protect insects

The EU Pollinator Information Hive makes it possible to share information on the conservation of wild pollinator species across EU Member States. The project LIFE Insect-Responsible Sourcing Regions is happy to benefit from the interactive format. Read more...




STAR - New Metric Allows Businesses to Quantify Positive Biodiversity Impacts

The Species Threat Abatement and Restoration Metric (STAR) will, for the first time, allow businesses to estimate the potential contributions of specific nature-positive actions in specific places towards global biodiversity targets. Read more...


Financial institutions call for clear framework for biodiversity

A powerful investor group of 78 financial institutions with combined assets of nearly $11 trillion have issued an appeal to the world's governments. They are calling for an international framework for biodiversity, as well as stronger commitment at the national level. Read more...


The outbreak of illegal gold mining in the Brazilian Amazon boosts deforestation

Increased prices and political pressure are boosting illegal gold mining in the Brazilian Amazon, threatening forests, indigenous people, and conservation of biodiversity in protected areas. Read more...


Global insurance and reinsurance leaders establish alliance to accelerate transition to net-zero emissions economy

Net-Zero Insurance Alliance committed to join Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero and UN Race to Zero; plus Net-Zero Banking Alliance and Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance announce updates. Read more...


New EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices

The Code of Conduct is one of the first outcomes of the EU's "From Farm to Fork" strategy, which is a core part of the European Green Deal. Read more...




Biodiversity commitments weakly anchored in the banking sector

In a recent report, ShareAction discusses how the 25 largest European banks are addressing five critical issues related to climate and biodiversity. The aim is to motivate the banking sector to introduce ambitious commitments on climate and biodiversity in the run-up to the COP 26. Read more...


© ShareAction


Geopolitics of the World’s Forests: Strategies for Tackling Deforestation

Deforestation continues at a worrying pace worldwide. It is caused by the race for land, underpinned by population growth and rising global demand for "deforestation-prone" products. Moreover, with climate change, mega-fires are now posing unprecedented threats to forests. Read more...




A simple guide to financing life on Earth: The Little Book of Investing in Nature

A new publication provides an essential overview of the area of biodiversity finance at a time when governments and international negotiators are urgently seeking pragmatic solutions for the twin crises of climate change and the loss of nature. Read more...


© Global Canopy


Finance and Biodiversity – Overview of initiatives for financial institutions

The momentum for biodiversity is growing amongst financial institutions, and so is the number of communities, networks and initiatives dedicated to this topic. The document provides a comprehensive overview of the main biodiversity-related initiatives currently targeting financial institutions. Read more...


© Finance for Biodiversity






UEBT Business voices event ahead of the COP15 and the global biodiversity framework

5 October 2021: In the run-up to the UN Biodiversity Summit – the COP15, UEBT and its members will be presenting the ambitious actions of companies towards biodiversity. The event is meant to inspire, engage and rally the business sector’s voices in the lead up to the post-2020 global biodiversity framework. Read more...


© Global Landscape Forum


GLF Climate: Forests, Food, Finance - Frontiers of Change

5-7 November 2021: With the UK Government, GLF is convening this event on the sidelines of one of the most important climate summits in history, the 26th session of the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Read more...




European Business and Nature Summit 2021

30 November - 1 December 2021: Business leaders and policymakers will meet in November at the 2021 EBNS to capitalise on the growing awareness that businesses impact and depend on nature and the ecosystem services it provides. The EBBC will be present, too. Read more...


The Sustainable Landscapes and Commodities Forum

30 November - 2 December 2021: This top sustainability conference will debate and showcase real world solutions to the most pressing and urgent challenges in commodity supply chains. Read more...


Video: Online Seminar "Private Sector engagement in Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships for biodiversity"

How can Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships help in the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity? Read more...


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