Pro Pollinators Initiative: EU Pollinator Information Hive helps to protect insects

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Pro Pollinators Initiative: EU Pollinator Information Hive helps to protect insects

The EU Pollinator Information Hive makes it possible to share information on the conservation of wild pollinator species across EU Member States. The project LIFE IRSR is happy to benefit from the interactive format.

© Jeyaratnam Caniceus / Pixabay
07/07/2021: In the form of a wiki, the Hive contains information about the threats wild pollinators are facing, guidance documents on how you can help pollinators thrive, and ongoing conservation projects and initiatives at the Members State level.

The Hive is linked to the EU Pollinators Initiative, which was launched by the European Commission in June 2018 to halt the decline of pollinating insects in Europe. The initiative sets long-term objectives and short-term actions under three priorities:
  • Priority I: Improving knowledge of pollinator decline, its causes and consequences
  • Priority II: Tackling the causes of pollinator decline
  • Priority III: Raising awareness, engaging society-at-large and promoting collaboration
The EU Business@Biodiversity Platform is contributing to this action plan. In 2019, the Platform invited partners (involving business contacts, platform members and partner networks at national level) to share example of business practice of actions to support pollinating insects.

Source: Business @ Biodiversity by the European Commission

The wiki is a welcome support for the project LIFE Insect-Responsible Sourcing Regions, also funded by the EU, which implements the innovative approach of insect conservation no longer at individual farm but at landscape level.

Link to the Hive

Learn more about LIFE Insect-Responsible Sourcing Regions, the project goals, measures and regions on