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While awareness on biodiversity as a pivotal aspect of sustainable business practices is growing, challenges remain. Many businesses still struggle to grasp the intricacies of biodiversity and its implications for their operations. Others face barriers in implementing biodiversity-friendly practices due to perceived costs or lack of know-how. Governments, academia, civil society, and the private sector must come together to provide the necessary knowledge, resources, and incentives to drive meaningful change. We need to foster a culture of biodiversity-consciousness where every business decision considers its impact on the natural world.

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Strong alliance for biodiversity

Food for Biodiversity and Biodiversity in Good Company have entered into a strategic partnership. The two initiatives are committed to preserving biodiversity as the basis of our economy and carry out joint activities. An attractive dual membership in both organizations is now possible for companies in the food industry. Learn more … 


Designing supply chains without deforestation - company forum on the elan! project

The implementation of the new EU regulation for deforestation-free products (EUDR) poses challenges for many companies.  Tchibo, Hornbach, toom, the Melitta Group, Naturland e.V. and around 70 other companies, among others, informed themselves about the implementation of the new regulation at the corporate forum for deforestation-free supply chains on March 18 at the Bonn University Club.  Read more ...




Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD): Sector Guidances

The TNFD framework presents three core components: the outline of fundamental concepts and definitions to receive an understanding of nature itself, guidance for corporates and financial institutions as well as the TNDF’s recommended disclosures for nature-related issues. Additional Guidance by sector is open for consultation until 29 March 2024. Learn more ... 


Round Table on Standards in the Ornamental Plant Industry

In order to strengthen biodiversity in the flower industry, Unternehmen Biologische Vielfalt (UBi) offers knowledge and recommendations from experts in dialog formats. The second round table with stakeholders from the horticultural industry at the beginning of February focused on biodiversity-related criteria for the industry's most important standards. Read more… 


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Fair Rubber has launched their own LinkedIn page. Follow us and don't miss the latest news, stories, events and background info on everything around the Fair Rubber community.  Follow us ...




Third Update of the Guide on Biodiversity Measurement Approaches

The EU Business & Biodiversity Platform and the Finance for Biodiversity (FfB) Foundation recently launched the third edition of the "Guide to Biodiversity Measurement Approaches" for financial institutions. With the addition of two new tools and a revised categorization that aligns with current frameworks, the guide now offers enhanced insights. Read more ...


Deloitte report: "Nature and Business: Navigating Risks and Opportunities in a Changing Landscape"

The report was produced by Deloitte experts in collaboration with Respect Energy, WWF and other content partners such as the Global Nature Fund to comprehensively discuss biodiversity and its importance for business. Read more ...





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Launch of the EU B&B Platform’s Thematic Report on Biodiversity Disclosure

10 April 2024, Webinar: The EU Commission is offering a webinar to unravel the complexity of biodiversity disclosure in the corporate sector. It will present the key findings of the latest EU Business & Biodiversity Platform report, which highlights the main differences and similarities between the six main disclosure frameworks. More info...


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Finance and the Global Biodiversity Framework: navigating the road to COP16

23 April 2024, Webinar: This webinar, organized by the Business & Biodiversity Platform, the Finance for Biodiversity Foundation and partners, asks whether we have made progress just before COP16. It will provide information on the preparation for COP16, with countries in the process of updating their National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs) following the adoption of the GBF. More info ...


What policy mechanisms can support organic farming?

24 April 2024, Webinar: The EU Horizon project VISIONARY is organizing a series of webinars on sustainable food systems. In the first webinar, VISIONARY researchers present their key findings and show how policy can effectively remove barriers to organic farming. More info ...


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