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EBBC-Newsletter September 2020

We are happy to present you the most recent newsletter of the European Business and Biodiversity Campaign (EBBC).

In particular, we would like to invite you to join our online web-sessions "BIODIVERSITY AND THE FOOD SECTOR" to learn more about how the food sector can make significant contributions to stop the loss of biodiversity by applying effective tools, criteria and sourcing requirements on biodiversity

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Draft guidelines for planning and monitoring corporate biodiversity performance issued for public comment

IUCN’s Business and Biodiversity Programme and Species Survival Commission Species Monitoring Specialist Group, working with numerous colleagues in the business and conservations sectors, today shared draft Guidelines for planning and monitoring corporate biodiversity performance. Read more...


New Network for nature-oriented business premises 

One of the central tasks of the EU Life Project BooGI BOP is to spread the idea of nature-oriented business premises. Read more ...


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Small apple, big effect – Bio-Spray in Mozambique

If you thought of conventional apples like Boskoop or Elstar while reading this title, you were unfortunately wrong: It hints at the production of Bio-Spray from the apple of the cashew tree. With its project in Mozambique, the Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chains Initiative (INA, German acronym) supports the extraction of a biological pesticide from the apple of the cashew tree. Read more... 


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Germany taking lead in support of EU sustainable procurement: ‘We need a supply chain law… Preferably yesterday’

The German Federal Government plans to pass a supply chain act by the beginning of 2021 that will create binding regulations requiring companies to adhere to human rights and environmental protections. The move has gained widespread support from NGOs like Global Nature Fund and Lake Constance Foundation and food makers alike. Read more...


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Greenpeace Policy Briefing: EU regulation to protect the world’s forests and ecosystems

With the recently published policy briefing "A new EU regulation to protect the world’s forests and ecosystems" Greenpeace is calling on the EU to legislate on the placing on the internal market of commodities whose extraction, harvesting or production has, or risks having, a detrimental impact on forests, other ecosystems and related human rights. Read more...




UEBT revised Ethical BioTrade standard is now published

UEBT announces that their new standard is now available. This closes a comprehensive revision process started many months ago that involved a wide range of stakeholders from various countries and sectors. Read more...


Report: Companies' ESG scores improve countries' macroeconomic growth

For the first time a report published in June by the University of Oxford revealed a significant positive correlation between the average ESG scores of companies and macroeconomic development as well as rate of unemployment. Read more...


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Publication on sustainability tools (German language)

Lake Constance Foundation presents a new brochure for the agricultural and food industry. Read more ...


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New Herbs and Spices Programme of UEBT and Rainforest Alliance

UEBT and Rainforest Alliance are developing a partnership concerning herb and spice production, building on the positive track record of the UEBT and UTZ herbal tea programme, and the Rainforest Alliance spices programme. Read more...


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New Study on trade and biodiversity

A new study analyses the various ways in which international trade affects biodiversity and analyses what trade policy tools are available to tackle trade-related biodiversity issues. The study was commissioned by the Committee on International Trade (INTA) of the European Parliament. Read more...




Biodiversity Monitoring-System: An exemplary monitoring report comparing the biodiversity performance of German and Spanish farms

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Biodiversity Monitoring-System: An exemplary monitoring report on the farming of arable crops, livestock and grasslands

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 Experience of cereal pilot farms in Germany

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For effective criteria for biodiversity protection in food standards and sourcing requirements of food companies in the banana and pineapple sector.





Session I: Biodiversity in Food Standards and Company Procurement 

15 Sep. 2020 - online
More Information


Session II: Cooporate Engagement in Biodiversity and Food Sector Initiatives 

22 Sep. 2020 - online
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Session III: Biodiversity in Food Production and Retail: Applying the Biodiversity Performance Tool

28 Sep. 2020 - online
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28 – 29 October 2020, online
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IPBES Online Conference Business and Biodiversity Assessment – Scoping Process

25-27 November 2020, online
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