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The European Business and Biodiversity Campaign (EBBC) is a partner consortium which supports companies from all industries in integrating biodiversity into their corporate management. Our key project LIFE Food & Biodiversity, funded by the EU LIFE programme, aims to improve the biodiversity performance of standards and labels within the food industry.

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Business & Biodiversity

 Biodiversity Trainings

Biodiversity Trainings

Comprehensive training material with guidelines on good biodiversity management and description of measures to promote biodiversity in the food sector.

LIFE Food & Biodiversity

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Biodiversity in Standards and Labels for the Food Industry

From 2016 to September 2020 the project consortium of the LIFE Food & Biodiversity project collaborated with the private food sector in Europe to enhance biodiversity protection through food standards and procurement guidelines of food companies. The new Layman’s Report provides an overview of the actions undertaken and impacts achieved since project-start.




  • Geopolitics of the World’s Forests: Strategies for Tackling Deforestation09/21/2021

    Geopolitics of the World’s Forests: Strategies for Tackling Deforestation

    Deforestation continues at a worrying pace worldwide, except in temperate and boreal countries. It is caused by the race for land, underpinned by population growth and rising global demand for "deforestation-prone" products. Moreover, with climate change, mega-fires are now posing unprecedented threats to forests.

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  • The outbreak of illegal gold mining in the Brazilian Amazon boosts deforestation09/20/2021

    The outbreak of illegal gold mining in the Brazilian Amazon boosts deforestation

    Increased prices and political pressure are boosting illegal gold mining in the Brazilian Amazon, threatening forests, indigenous people, and conservation of biodiversity in protected areas.

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  • A simple guide to financing life on Earth: The Little Book of Investing in Nature09/08/2021

    A simple guide to financing life on Earth: The Little Book of Investing in Nature

    A new publication provides an essential overview of the area of biodiversity finance at a time when governments and international negotiators are urgently seeking pragmatic solutions for the twin crises of climate change and the loss of nature.

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New LIFE project: Insect-Responsible Sourcing Regions

LIFE Insect-Responsible Sourcing Regions is committed to sustainable insect protection at landscape level. Its goal is not only to further disseminate proven measures for the promotion of pollinating insects in agriculture, but to consistently break new ground. In "Insect-Responsible Sourcing Regions," a positive ecological impact is no longer limited to the individual farm. Landscapes benefit holistically and the concept is transferable to many growing regions in Germany and the EU.

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3 - 11 September 2021, Marseille, France
IUCN World Conservation Congress

6 - 10 September 2021, Rennes, France
Organic World Congress 2021

30 November - 1 December 2021, Paris, France
European Business and Nature Summit 2021

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