Roundtable on Biodiversity

Roundtable “Biodiversity Performance in the Food Sector”

The aim is to raise the biodiversity performance of the sector by commonly accepted and implemented priority criteria for biodiversity for the whole food sector. The project partners bring stakeholders from the food sector together in order to promote dialogue and starting sector initiatives, e.g. as a round table on biodiversity in the food sector. This initiative will provide ground for more and regular exchange among representatives from the food industry standards organization and other stakeholders.

Topics of the national food sector include:

The consortium of Global Nature Fund, LCF, Solagro, IST and FGN has started with the preparations for sector Initiatives. Preparatory multi-stakeholder meetings have been hosted in various European cities. The official launch of the Initiative „ Biodiversity Performance in the Food Sector” in Germany will be in early 2021.



If you are interested in the Round Table, please contact:

Stefan Hörmann

Global Nature Fund
 +49 228 184 86 94 11