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EBBC Newsletter February 2020

We are happy to present you the most recent newsletter of the European Business and Biodiversity Campaign (EBBC).

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Business for Nature states a united policy position on nature at the World Economic Forum

At the World Economic Forum, Business for Nature - a global coalition of businesses and organisations - called for concrete action from governments to deliver a new deal for nature and people. More ...


Representatives of the Portuguese Agrifood Industry debate strategy on biodiversity and climate change

On November 19th, 2019, IST, the Portuguese partner of the LIFE Food & Biodiversity Project, hosted the Workshop "Food Industry, Biodiversity and Climate Change: which strategy should be followed in Portugal?" in Lisbon. More ...


After YouTube campaign: Foundation plants 20 million trees

#TeamTrees around Youtuber MrBeast commissions Arbor Day Foundation with gigantic reforestation project. More ...


Improving Biodiversity Protection in Coffee Cultivation in South America

We present a successful pilot in the frame of the Initiative "Biodiversity in Standards and Labels for the Food Sector". More ... 


Nineteen leading companies join forces to step up alternative farming practices and protect biodiversity, for the benefit of planet and people

"One Planet Business for Biodiversity" (OP2B) - a business-led, agriculture-centric coalition - was launched at UN Climate Action Summit in New York.
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Experience of cereal pilot farms

In this paper we provide information on our experiences gained in the cereal pilot projects in Germany in terms of implementation of recommended biodiversity measures. All pilots within the project were subject to a specific biodiversity consultation and measures were put in place that are based on the two pillars for biodiversity-friendly agriculture: Biodiversity Management and Very Good Agricultural Practices. More ...

 Experience of cereal pilot farms in Germany

On the Way to Forest Landscape Restoration - Financing, Implementation and Recommendations

In the past few years, numerous international Forest Landscape Restoration Initiatives have been launched to restore degraded areas and to improve adaptation to climate change. This new study highlights best practices and critical aspects in using private finance for forest landscape restoration. More ...


GNF Annual Report 2018/2019

The Annual Report provides an overview about the activities of the Global Nature Fund with special regard to its ambitions concerning the interplay of business and biodiversity, presenting e.g. projects for the protection of biodiversity in the supply chain. Download the Annual Report




Dialogforum: "Enterprise Biological Diversity 2020"

25 March 2020, Berlin, Germany; the event is held in German language

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Food SIVI Oxford Meeting Oxford, Great Britain

30-31 March 2020, Oxford, Great Britain

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UEBT Conference 2020: Business for Biodiversity

18-19 May 2020, Paris, France

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IUCN World Conservation Congress

11-19 June 2020, Marseille, France

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