SUSTAINABLE SOYA SOURCING in the light of the climate crisis and the war in UKRAINE

18/19 MAY 2022 Crowne Plaza Frankfurt Lyoner Strasse 44-48, 60528 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The event on May 19 in Frankfurt will bring together industry experts and representatives along the entire soy supply chain to discuss current issues such as deforestation, the climate crisis and the impact of the war in Ukraine in the context of the need and the efforts already made to make soy supply chains stable, climate-friendly and deforestation-free.

"From protein partnerships to physical commodity flows of sustainable non-GM soy" Under this motto, we will focus on best practice examples from our partners: the retail companies LIDL Stiftung, REWE Group and EDEKA Südwest will present their sustainable soy sourcing strategies and why they work with DONAU SOJA.

Donau Soja partners from UKRAINE - participating in the Protein Partnership Program - will talk about the current situation in Ukraine and soybean cultivation in 2022. Vitaly Kushnir, advisor to the Ukrainian Minister of Agriculture, partner of ATK Group and at the same time protein partner of Donau Soja, will inform about the availability and supply of agricultural raw materials from Ukraine, with a focus on soybeans and soybean meal.

Donau Soja aims to increase sustainable non-GM soybean cultivation in Europe. Today, legumes represent only 1-2% of the European crop rotation. Ukraine is one of our key strategic partnership countries to increase the volumes of sustainably grown soy in Europe and for Europe. Learn more about the current challenges and how solutions can be found!

The event will start with an evening reception on MAY 18 and will take place in Frankfurt on MAY 19. Registration is now open - register today - click HERE!


WEDNESDAY - 18 MAY 2022 18:00 –19:00

Welcome Reception @Crowne Plaza Frankfurt

THURSDAY - 19 MAY 2022 09:30 –10:00


SESSION I: Soy Sourcing – How to Meet the Global Sustainability Challenge in the Light of the War in Ukraine Welcome words and opening by Matthias Krön & Oksana Prosolenko (Donau Soja)

“The war in Ukraine and its consequences for the supply of commodities, with a focus on soya” by Vitaly Kushnir, Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture, Ukraine

“The climate crisis and how Europe and Donau Soja contribute with sustainable soy cultivation” by Susanne Fromwald (Donau Soja)

How retailers meet the challenge with Donau Soja: “LIDL’s international Soy Strategy and why investing in Protein Partnerships” by Katrin Matheis (LIDL Stiftung)

“REWE’s Soy Sourcing Strategy and the Role of Protein Partnerships” by n.n. (REWE Group)

After the presentations there is time for questions/discussions with the audience.


14:00 –14:45 SESSION II: Protein Partnerships: Programme, Goals and Partners in Ukraine

The Protein Partnership Programme and Ukraine’s role and potential as a major European producer for sustainable non-GM soya by Volodymyr Pugachov (Donau Soja)

Video presentation of Ukrainian partners and discussion with partners (partly online) 14:45 – 15:00


15:00 - 16:30 SESSION III: Availability of Donau Soja/Europe Soya & Panel Discussion “Best practice examples how to integrate sustainable soy in physical supply chains”

“Availability of Certified Donau Soja/Europe Soya Volumes in Europe for Europe” by Klaus Palmetzhofer (Donau Soja)

Best practice examples how to integrate sustainably produced soya in physical supply chains: Short presentations and panel discussion with: Lisa Karpeles (EDEKA Südwest), Claudia Peischl (Plant Republic), Michael Wurzer (Zentrale Arbeitsgemeinschaft Geflügel, ZAG) and n.n. (further speakers from production/supply chain/retail requested) moderated by Axel Grunt (Donau Soja)


The organisation of Round Tables with Selected Partners is possible on request.

18:00 –20:00 NETWORKING DINNER @Crowne Plaza Frankfurt

Executive Summary, outlook and closing by Matthias Krön (Donau Soja)

Goodbye and see you soon at Donau Soja 10 Years Anniversary Vienna, 29/30 September Follow up and PART II “From Protein Partnership to Physical Flow”