FOOD 2030 Towards sustainable agri-food systems

FOOD 2030: Towards sustainable agri-food systems

05./06. September 2018, Stuttgart

The Congress FOOD 2030: Towards sustainable agri-food systems will be held on 5-6 September 2018, as one of the major events to mark the 200th anniversary of the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart. It will bring together experts, researchers and stakeholders from various disciplines with diverse experiences related to food systems.

It aims at contributing to solutions to the urgent challenges of the Agenda 2030, i.e. to end  hunger, achieve food and nutrition security, and promote sustainable agriculture as formulated in the Sustainable Development Goal #2. The Congress will also network researchers, policy makers, civil society and the private sector to facilitate exchanges and interactions in light of the upcoming 9th framework program for research of the EU.

It will focus on the following questions:

  • What are new insights from current research projects?
  • What are new research questions and approaches to transforming agri-food sytems?
  • What expectations do representatives from civil society, public and private sectors
  • have with regard to scientific research and sustainable agri-food systems?


More information and registration:

Date and Time

5-6 September 2018



University of Hohenheim
Garbenstraße 30 (Bio Foyer)
70599 Stuttgart


University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany