Knowledge Pool Biodiversity in Agriculture

Biodiversity Training and Knowledge Pool

The loss of biodiversity is one of the biggest challenges of our times. Human activities are driving species loss 1000 times faster than it would have been under natural succession circumstances.

An analysis of biodiversity provision in standards and label for the food sector showed a clear need for action. So far, biodiversity related criteria rarely go beyond the common approach of good agricultural practices; they are often unclear in their formulation and take into account the causes of biodiversity loss only partially. The Recommendations to improve biodiversity protection support the management of standards and companies in the efforts to improve biodiversity performance.

Biodiversity Trainings for Certifiers and Product Managers

Often, auditors and certification companies need more knowledge to classify and supervise the measures taken for biodiversity protection.

We will offer training on the topic of biodiversity in food production and standards in the form of workshops and webinars. Training material will be available for specific product groups (e.g. permanent crops in temperate areas and in tropical/subtropical areas, root crops and dairy products).

Biodiversity Training

If you are interested in a training, please let us know and we will provide you with further information.

Training Material

will be available soon

Participants will be provided with

  • Checklists and guidelines on agricultural practices and its impacts on biodiversity.
  • Recommendations on impacts and management of biodiversity related to important product groups (e.g. tillage farming, dairy and livestock farming, permanent crops).

Knowledge Pool

This Knowledge Pool serves as an information platform for Certifiers, Auditors, Inspectors Certified Farms or Companies and Labeling Bodies. You will find information, further links and readings on biodiversity, ecosystem services, and invasive alien species. All within the context of the agrifood-sector. The chapters of the Knowledge Pool are based on the Recommendations to Improve Biodiversity Protection and will be updated regularly.

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