Launching the Public Consultation of the Natural Capital Protocol’s Finance Sector Supplement

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Launching the Public Consultation of the Natural Capital Protocol’s Finance Sector Supplement

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On May 16 2017, the Natural Capital Coalition, the Natural Capital Finance Alliance (NCFA) and the Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO) launched the public consultation on the Natural Capital Protocol’s Finance Sector Supplement at The Rockefeller Foundation HQ in New York.


The Supplement, which is being developed as an open, collaborative process with the finance sector, will focus on three key sub-sectors:

  • • Banking: Provision of debt through project finance, corporate lending and underwriting activities.
    • Investment: Provision of equity by asset owners and fund managers. This may also involve active ownership and impact investing.
    • Insurance: This includes corporate underwriting and reinsurance.

After the project’s launch in October 2016, the project partners conducted an engagement process with the participation of almost 250 individuals and organizations who have helped to identify the structure scope and content of the draft supplement.

The Consultation

The consultation will run for four months, and will comprise of:

  • • Webinars
    • Workshops in several major geographies
    • A piloting program
    • An open public consultation on the online platform Collaborase

Target audiences:
The aforementioned financial sub-sectors are the primary target audiences for the consultation: Banks, asset owners, asset managers, insurance/reinsurance firms.

Secondary audiences include: Sell-side investment research and analytics firms, investment consultants.

Key messages:
  1. 1. The 4-month consultation is an opportunity for the finance sector to inform the development of the Finance Sector Supplement.
    2. The consultation will hone the relevance of the Supplement to the three key sub-sectors
    3. Join a community of natural capital practitioners and position yourself as a leading financial institution when it comes to integrating natural capital risks and opportunities into your business.



Natural Capital

Natural capital is a concept that is gaining considerable traction. It provides a systematic approach to our relationship to the environment in a language that the business community understands. Many in the finance sector are already well aware of the risks and opportunities attributed to environmental, social and governance  issues. By introducing a natural capital approach, the Supplement aims to provide specific guidance to help financial institutions incorporate essential information into their lending, investment and insurance practices. The Supplement is being developed through a collaborative approach and its success will depend upon the active involvement of the finance sector.
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