Where the world’s largest companies stand on nature – analysis by McKinsey

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Where the world’s largest companies stand on nature – analysis by McKinsey

In short: While Global 500 companies increasingly recognize the importance of nature, few companies have established nature-related commitments outside of carbon.

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13 September 2022: McKinsey analyses where the world's largest companies (Fortune Global 500) stand on nature - summarized: there is still a lot do - " Companies are in the early stages of committing to a broad set of nature-related goals [and] most companies have climate-related targets (83 percent) or at least acknowledge climate change (an additional 15 percent). Across other dimensions of nature, however, targets and acknowledgements are far lower; […]...although 51 percent of companies acknowledge biodiversity loss in some way, only 5 percent have set quantified targets in addition to that acknowledgment. Meanwhile, some dimensions of nature, such as soil nutrient pollution, show up much less frequently in public acknowledgements. This may not be surprising—while decades of experience have helped companies understand how to address climate change, corporate understanding of nature is still nascent."

The review sought to understand how leading companies around the world are considering nature across multiple dimensions. This review used the planetary boundaries framework, developed by the Stockholm Resilience Centre, as the basis of the dimensions of nature used.

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