Simone Blok

Triple E - researcher/consultant

Simone was as a child often found along the river Oude Maas, in the wetlands or along the banks. After her first job as a documentalist / researcher at the National Planning Department, she was press documentalist for Sijthoff Press. This largest press Documentation Centre of the Netherlands became a separate company (SVP) for commercial information to the Dutch media, with a network of foreign partners. Acquired by Wegener it was transformed into WIC Media, where she became head of department. For NRC Handelsblad, she was assistant to the editor.
In her spare time nature always played a major role. In England, she was active for the British Trust of Conservation Volunteers.
Since June 2010 she organizes the Landscape Auctions and strengthens the international activities of Triple E. Simone compares nature as a product with information: it seems to be quite normal to most people that it is free and widely available. Beautiful landscape has a big economic value, like good information. This principle of Triple E gives her the chance to make a job of her love for nature.

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