Udo Gattenlöhner

Global Nature Fund (GNF) - Executive Director

Project manager of various national and international projects, i.e.
- Coordination of projects in the agricultural sector
- Coordination of international projects related to lake and water management (e.g. Kenya, Sri Lanka, India)
- Coordination of an international EU project on wetland restoration in Europe
- Coordination and financial controlling of renewable energy projects on national and international level
- Involmenent in a number of Business&Biodiversity projects

Coordinator of various international events and conferences. Organisation of participation in various national and international conferences and events, such as Ramsar COPs, World Water Forum, EXPO, Johannesburg Summit

Lead editor of various publication, i.e. Reviving Wetlands: Sustainable Management of wetlands and shallow lakes and Handbook on Mangrove Restoration (download: http://www.globalnature.org/publications).

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