Andrew Deutsch

I would like to team up to tackle some of the enormous challenges we face today. I have broad knowledge and experience in sustainability and writing. I believe that together we can make the drastic changes necessary in the way we design, share, consume, transport, and reuse resources with the aim to preserve the environment for our own and future generations. I believe that we can solve our resource issues by massive restoration of ecosystems, designing out waste, local manufacturing, and by sharing scarce resources. These changes bring with them social equity, food security and better healthcare. I have gained a broad knowledge of many of the problems we face today, associated risks and opportunities, and possible solutions beginning with design, and including social innovation and cooperation across all parts of society.

Experience in a wide spectrum of current sustainability challenges including for example:
> Organizational change for sustainability
> Employee engagement for sustainable change
> Natural resource management
> Sustainability reporting
> The economics of ecosystems and biodiversity (TEEB)
> Cradle to cradle and recycling
> Doing Business at the base of the pyramid.

Wide spectrum of technical writing and related skills:
> Writing, editing, and proofreading technical documentation
> Management of the localization and translation process
> Terminology management
> Communications and social media
> Administration of document management systems and MS Sharepoint sites

Main type of expertise by industry sector
Main type of expertise by topic
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