Acciónatura (AN) is a pioneering non-profit Spanish NGO exclusively devoted to nature conservation through protection, improvement and restoration of natural ecosystems and biodiversity on the field, as well as through awareness raising and involvement of civil society.

Founded in 1997, AN has always been a politically and economically independent organization seeking to promote dialogue, consensus and involvement of both individuals and organizations in its projects, focusing on an action oriented approach. We are a non advocacy group and our constructive approach has already encouraged more than 190 companies, 80 government bodies, 95 other types of organizations as well as countless individuals to help us implement more than 70 projects and 80 studies in 15 countries.
Based in Barcelona, we work at national and international level promoting everyone’s co-responsibility in securing our natural capital, offering innovative and action based projects and solutions on the field.


Our projects always seek to work for an economically and socially sustainable future that has to be based on the natural capital, both in terms of its affection by our actions, as well as its potential to provide us with the necessary ecosystem goods and services to secure a sustainable and fulfilling future on Earth.
Since our conception we have been developing a strong business and biodiversity area of work where we seek to partner with business to improve their sustainability performance, as well as encourage them to support our flagship projects on the field.
To that end we have also put in motion several pioneering initiatives, like the Spanish initiative for caring for the climate “CeroCO2” (in 2005, in partnership with another NGO), and more recently in 2011 the land cover nature balance project “CompensaNatura”, which invites organizations and individuals to compensate their soil occupation through the preservation of an equivalent area of natural space which houses outstanding biodiversity, but finds itself under severe threat by human activities.

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