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Japan Ecolodge Association (ECOLA) endeavors to disseminate the ecolodge concepts by offering the 110-item Japan Ecolodge Checklist and the certification scheme. We firmly believe that locally operated low-impact nature-based lodges with educational and interpretative programs can lead to help conservation and improve sustainability of surrounding nature while revitalizing local economy.


Environmental/Ecological Impact
Choosing products of 'green purchasing' and 'energy conservation' can assist minimize the impacts. We encourage members to use them as each product offers detailed information on environmental impacts provided by Green Purchasing Network and The Energy Conservation Center.

Social/Cultural Impact
Each of our member ecolodge is small scale and run by one or a small group of operators. Because of its location and scale, tourists are guaranteed for full attention of the operator(s) to appreciate both social and cultural practice.

Economic Impact
We are a non-governmental and non-profit organization that mutually benefit with local economy where ecolodges are located. We are supported by donations of responsible tourists and companies.

Innovative Best Practices
Japan seems to focus 'eco' concepts that are more ECOnomical than ECOlogical. This is also applied on 'eco'tours and 'eco'lodges. We promote the true ecolodges under the International standards not to be swayed by economical means. This grass-root activity is slow to blossom but should be carried out with scrutiny.

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