Global Nature Fund (GNF)


Global Nature Fund (GNF) is a non-profit, private, independent international foundation for the protection of environment and nature.

The headquarters are located in Radolfzell at Lake Constance, Germany, office are located in Bonn and Berlin, Germany.

GNF’s work consists mainly of

GNF's projects are supported by private, public donors and international corporations such as Daimler, the German Airline Lufthansa, Telekom, Sika, Reckitt Benckiser and Osram.


GNF and its over 70 partner organisations stand worldwide with forward thinking, concrete ideas and projects for the change in direction towards a sustainable usage of our natural resources, especially water. GNF is committed to promote climate protection through the implemenation of projects in fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation. GNF staff avoids flights whenever possible - for the rest GNF balances the flights by compensating greenhouse gas emissions at myclimate.

Business & Biodiversity Projects

Mangrove Forest Protection
Since December 2005, in the framework of the three year Post Tsunami project, the Global Nature Fund has encouraged and supported reforestation of mangrove forests together with the two local partner ...
Location: South-East Asia

European Business & Biodiversity Campaign
The European Business & Biodiversity Campaign was initiated by a consortium of European NGOs and companies aiming to strengthen private sector engagement in the fields of biodiversity and ecosystem se...
Location: Europe

Making Corporate Ecosystem Valuation practical for the business sector – Valuation methods and their integration into decision-making
Research Paper: Different approaches for corporate ecosystem valuation are available now. However, the applied valuation methodologies (market valuation, stated preference method, revealed preference ...

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