Applied Environmental Research Foundation(AERF)


AERF has been engaged in participatory biodiversity conservation initiatives with a single mission of achieving conservation on the ground. AERF was founded in 1995 and is member of important networks such as IUCN, RSB, CGI and PAR.

AERF works primarily in two biodiversity hotspots in India- Western Ghats and Eastern Himalaya. It works through 5 diverse programs

a) Sacred Groves conservation

b) Applied Biodiversity Research

c) Communities, conservation and climate change

d) Energy and Biodiversity

e) Business and Biodiversity

for ensuring that cross-cutting issues are addressed in proper manner and that all the stakeholders are engaged in the process of conservation.


AERF aims at integrating biodiversity concerns in most of the activities of private sector , communities and other stakeholders for ensuring sustainability.

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A Simple Explanation of Business & Biodiversity!

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