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Mining sites offer a variety of habitats. These habitats do not exist anymore in the intensively farmed landscape. For this reason numerous special and strictly protected species move to the quarries and gravel pits in order to find living space which is practically not to be found outside of mining sites. The non-energy extractive industry makes an important contribution to the protection of species.
To assess the biodiversity and their threats, needs to know exactly where which plants grow and where and what kind of animals have found their habitats. These facts are important to support the biodiversity in the right way.
However, one problem of the protection of species is that there are not enough useful data neither in terms of nature protection administration nor the industry.
The non-energy extractive industry is therefore committed to build a database. The database will document the evolution of biological diversity in, and around the area of mining sites.
This will be the basis for biodiversity indicators which will make the state and importance of mining sites for biodiversity measurable and comparable. Only reliable data ensures transparency and securer decisions.

Motivation, objectives and target groups


In many approval processes, conservation planning and research projects, data are daily collected which do not flow together at any point in order to draw conclusions.

1.Creating transparency and knowledge for secure decisions

2.Using opportunities and support biological diversity

3.Designing nature protection

Target groups

- Mining companies
- Politics
- Public administration

…and other institutions that collect data on species presence and work with

Project results

This database is intended to ensure the future for a more practice-orientated dealing with the protection of species.

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