Green Shape

Project summary

- VAUDE has developed its own stringent rating system for its Green Shape products: the Eco-Pyramid
- Green Shape is the VAUDE quality label for all our eco-friendly products

Motivation, objectives and target groups

We aim at balancing our economic activities with our social and environmental responsibility. That‘s the way we view sustainability.


We only confer the Green Shape label to a VAUDE product when it complies with the eco-pyramid standards. This means that it meets the bluesign standard and/or it has a VAUDE Eco Claim.

Bluesign ® the world's most stringent textile standard. VAUDE has been working together with bluesign ® for over 10 years.

We confer the VAUDE Eco Claim to materials and processes that provide clear ecological advantages over comparable ones. We accept for our Green Shape products the following materials and processes:
- Recycled Materials (Polyester and Polyamide)
- Organic Cotton
- VAUDE ecolour

Project results

=> We want transparency
=> We don't greenwash

Countries affected

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