mas contour Tourism Consulting & Regional Planning



is a Berlin-based international consulting firm operating in the fields of sustainable tourism, regional development and organisational consulting

works at local, regional, national, international and transnational levels

is a competent partner in providing comprehensive services – from analysis to consulting to planning and implementation

Our team
uses a highly specialised interdisciplinary approach
has long years of professional experience
is well-versed in four languages (German, English, Spanish, French)
has operated in more than 30 countries

Destination management and regional development
Tourism marketing and product development
Market research
Institutional change management
Tourism planning in developing and emerging countries
Knowledge transfer (education and training)
Tourism research, monitoring and evaluation
Organisation of fair exhibitions, conferences and seminars

High quality standards on ourselves
Reliability and professional competence
Flexibility and client orientation
A high level of involvement
A strong willingness to learn and explore new things

mas|contour supports integrated tourism and regional development which is oriented toward sustainable development policy. To us, tourism and regional development with a stable future means seeking to achieve a sustainable balance between
economic success,
ecological compatibility,
social justice and
cultural sensitivity.
For us, sustainability is not an ideal to pursue – it is the guiding principle of our daily work.

Sustainability as a guiding principle and integrated part of our work
Result orientation and implementation strength
Individuality and the spirit to meet new challenges
Innovative solutions based on rich international experience
Intercultural competence and networking
Experience in dealing with a wide range of actors
Close and continuous cooperation with actors on site

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As entrepreneurs we not only take responsibility for our own actions, but for society as a whole responsibility we acknowledge and accept, for viable and sustainable solutions to the complex economic, social and ecological problems of our time can only be found through the active involvement of all forces of society.

mas|contour engages in climate-conscious travelling. Whenever possible on business and holiday trips, we prefer to use trains, buses and other modes of public transport. If there is no alternative to flying, we pay our atmosfair share, that is, we pay our voluntary contribution in compensation for the greenhouse gases emitted during our flight.

mas|contour is a sustaining member of EPCAT Germany – Network for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation. In our work we actively support the organisation’s goals and objectives.


Cooperation & Participation
mas|contour defines development against the backdrop of common global responsibility as improving the situation of people who each have their own standards, goals and requirements. Our aim is not to set the directions but rather to give impetus to new developments. Our primary focus is on the promotion and improvement of opportunities for people’s personal development. To mas|contour, a cooperative and participative project management approach is not just a normative proposition, but also serves as a tool for the sustainability-oriented implementation of our projects. This philosophy not only guides our efforts in providing consulting services, but also permeates throughout our company.

Quality & Reliability
At mas|contour, we only accept projects that are within our technical and personal capabilities and experiences. We constantly strive to improve and expand our technical expertise and increase our knowledge to meet future challenges. This ensures that all of our clients, regardless of their nature of business, are provided with professional and high-quality consulting services. To achieve this, mas|contour employs an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach by combining experience, competencies and tools from different professional areas. We continually seek to make customised service offers that are carefully calculated, well thought-out and realistic in terms of time commitment, as well as to satisfy all resulting obligations.

Implementation Orientation & Individuality
mas|contour stands for activating and implementation-oriented on-site consulting. Our commitment does not end at the stage of theoretical planning and strategic project development. Rather, our primary focus is to provide support for the actual launching and implementation of tourism projects and programmes in the area of regional development. mas|contour aims to provide its clients with practice-oriented one-stop service solutions – from analysis to consulting to design and implementation. We see each of our projects as a unique challenge which we strive to meet by developing custom-tailored solutions and new and creative ideas.

Responsibility & Integrity
mas|contour constantly aims to operate self-responsibly and to provide independent and objective consultancy advice. mas|contour does warn its clients if certain projects that may suit certain purposes or benefit certain social groups conflict with important objectives or have unacceptable adverse or even dangerous impacts on other social groups. In such cases mas|contour will seek to provide alternative solutions. However, if in extreme cases certain outcomes of planned development activities run contrary to our professional and moral beliefs we reserve the right to discontinue our project activities.

Respect & Tolerance
Being an internationally operating consulting firm, mas|contour works in cooperation with a large number of actors from various national and cultural backgrounds who each hold different and rather specific norms and values. They have significant influence on our local clients’ and partners’ ways of thinking and acting and require a fair amount of responsibility-taking and tolerance. mas|contour undertakes to employ an unprejudiced, respectful and constructive approach to other values, norms, views and concepts of life.

Transparency & Continuity
mas|contour aims to establish and maintain mutually fair, transparent and long-term business and contractual relations with its clients, partners and employees. According to our policy regarding the recommendation and procurement of third-party products and services, the provision of high-quality as well as environmentally and socially responsible services must take precedence over short-term savings. One of our guiding principles is that all products and services that are directly or indirectly marketed through mas|contour must provide a long-term benefit to our clients.

Reflection & Involvement
At mas|contour, we firmly believe that entrepreneurs not only take responsibility for their own actions, but for society as a whole – a responsibility they must acknowledge and accept, for viable and sustainable solutions to the complex economic, social and ecological problems of our time can only be found through the active involvement of all forces of society. mas|contour accepts this challenge, seeking to actively support programmes outside the scope of its core business activities that contribute to achieving this objective.

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