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BaumInvest is a private limited partnership consisting of more than 600 private and entrepreneurial investors. The financial volume of around 8 Mio Euro is dedicated to the reforestation of precious woods on pasture land in Costa Rica. The goal is to offer investors in Germany and other countries an attractive and transparent investment option with positive impact on environment and society. For Detaisl see:


The BaumInvest sustainability concept is based on three columns:
1.Economic viability through plantation and harvest of tropical timber, based on the principles of sustainable forestry with a mixture from Teak and native species. The harvest and sale of tropical timber provides the return on investment for investors.
2.Ecological return through natural reserves: nearly 30% of the BaumInvest - land is dedicated to natural reserves, where remaining forests and wetlands will be expanded and protected. Furthermore reforestation is an effective contribution to the protection of climate as growing forests capture the climate gas CO2.
3.Social benefits: BaumInvest reforestation creates dozens of jobs in a rural and weakly developed region of Costa Rica. Our Workers are fairly paid and participate in the public health insurance system. Additionally workers and their families are given the possibility to practice agro forestry on the BaumInvest plantation, i.e. to cultivate their own food plants between the young trees in order to achieve additional income. BaumInvest supports them with seeds, advice and if necessary with micro credits.

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